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Please read these terms carefully before using the site. Please also refer to the Trademarks and Brands Guidelines.
Bitdle’s trademarks and brands are Bitdle intellectual property and are important and valuable assets of the company. Trademarks must be used properly. Follow these guidelines for using Bitdle's trademarks and brands properly in all communications, documents, and electronic messages.
Using Bitdle's Trademarks and Logos
You may refer to Bitdle products and services by their associated Bitdle trademarks and service marks, so long as such references (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) comply with these guidelines, which may be modified by Intel from time to time in bitdle’s sole discretion.

 Use the appropriate trademark symbol and trademark acknowledgment of Bitdle's ownership of the marks and/or logos in question.
 Do not incorporate Bitdle trademarks or logos into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names, and do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to Bitdle's marks and logos
 Do not make unlicensed use of Bitdle's licensed logo. Third-party use of Bitdle logos requires a license or written permission from Bitdle. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use an Bitdle mark or logo, contact your Bitdle marketing or sales representative, or your local Bitdle sales office.
 If you are a LICENSEE of an Bitdle trademark or logo, your license agreement that you signed with Bitdle may have special trademark and logo usage guidelines different than the Guidelines set forth here. If so, please follow the special guidelines provided to you pursuant to your license agreement

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