The Management and Administration professionals plan overall process of organizing, planning, staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling the activities of Bitdle and the determination of its policies, setting of major objectives, the identification of general purposes and laying down of broad programs and projects.

At Bitdle, we embrace diversity. We believe it’s what helps us thrive. Our goal is to include everyone at the table, and to value and respect their unique voices and backgrounds. We truly believe that technology makes it possible, but it's people who make it happen. Bitdle aims to create a culture where associates have the freedom to explore opportunities to connect, co-create and celebrate.

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What We Make Possible

We are Management and Administration professionals providing services to Bitdle’s organizational, operational and administrational management. As an employee at Bitdle, you will participate in setting of major objectives, the identification of general purpose and laying down of broad programs and projects.

At Bitdle, we have the unique opportunity to apply our expertise in navigating company that span the entire Management and Administration—from planning, managing and laying down of various projects and programs.

Our approach is holistic and we have created multiple programs to Connect our employees’ aspirations to achievements, we have also consciously fostered a culture of Co-creation by encouraging doing new things and new ways of doing things and at the same time have made Celebrating a way of life at Bitdle by ensuring the seamless blending of life at work and beyond work.

An Insight Into What You Will Do

We’re looking for the best talent to work at one of the promising tech companies in the world. As a member of a responsible IT organization, we take care and time to develop your skills, so that our associates have successful careers. You will help to standardize administrational and management procedures across Bitdle. This will involve working closely with your local and global peers, senior leaders, and the engineering teams responsible for the various technologies. Working in Management and Administration at Bitdle means having the opportunity to oversee, control, co-ordinate and administers day to day affairs that span from the office administration to creating new programs and projects. As Managing and Administration represents one of the most critical growth areas for the company, we have an extensive range of opportunities.

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Executive Assistant

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